About Penis Pumps

In our contemporary world, penis pumps are sometimes seen as a societal taboo.  This device, although often times associated with persons of a perverted nature, is one that greatly contrasts that fable.

Penis pumps are well-studied medical devices that are effective in treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction as well as improving erection. They have many advantages, such as minimal to no side effects, ease of use, and maximum effectiveness when used correctly.

We will now delve more into the penis pumps, its proper usage, operation, precautionary measures and of course, the results.

What are penis pumps? A short history

Penis pumps are primarily medical devices that treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. With the help of a penis pump there can be an erection of about 20-30 minutes.  This can happen even if the erection is very difficult to obtain by other means.

The Bathmate HydroXtreme penis pump (water-based).

Perhaps in an attempt to avoid the use of the word “penis”, other names are used instead of penis pumps. The two most popular names are vacuum pump and Vacuum Erection Device (VED). Notwithstanding, all these names are the same product with the common purpose of helping men with erectile dysfunction.

Prior to World War II, efforts to find a device capable of helping to obtain an erection were all futile.  In 1874, Dr. John King made the first attempt of using vacuum to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. Dr. King described very simply the device that should be used but it is unknown whether these devices were ever manufactured or used.

Following the same concept of using a vacuum, Dr. Otto Lederer from Vienna, Austria patented a device for treating erectile dysfunction. No device was made and therefore his 1917 patent was forgotten.

The first penis pump appears to be the work of Mr. Geddings David Osbon, a small business owner from Georgia, USA. Independently of his predecessors, Mr. Osbon sought to find a solution to his own erectile problem, therefore inventing the first vacuum device for erectile dysfunction.

The original device created by Osbon in 1960 applied vacuum by suction, using a hose that goes into the mouth. It took 22 years for this device to be approved by the FDA.

How penis pumps work and how to use them

In addition to explaining how penis pumps work, we will also delve into how these devices should be used. While there are many different manufacturers of erectile dysfunction devices, the principle of operation remains the same. Here’s a video showing it all – be aware that it features explicit (adult) content (NSFW or in the presence of kids).

The simplest model of a penis pump consists of a cylinder that is closed at one end and connected to a hand pump. The penis is inserted into the cylinder, which is then completely closed. With the help of the hand pump, a vacuum is created inside the cylinder.

The effect of the vacuum increases blood flow to the penis, causing an erection.

After getting the erection, the penis is removed from the tube and sexual intercourse can begin. A constriction ring at the base of the penis allows for an erection during sexual intercourse.  However, the constriction ring should be removed after 30 minutes.

To properly use a penis pump read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.  How to use the different erectile dysfunction devices will vary according to the brand and model. For example, the pump that we recommend, Bathmate Hydromax is water-based.  This is a different concept from normal pumps which use the vacuum created by air.

Therefore, following the instructions are essential for your safety (including the health and safety of the penis, right?).

Even if they do not have direct side effects, penis pumps can cause various discomforts for first-time users and those who do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Possible Injuries from Using Penis Pumps – Side Effects and Precautions

As for injuries, the reports received have not been significant enough to cause alarm. Therefore, penis pumps are considered safe when used according to the instructions the manufacturer. The most common injuries that can occur have to do with the injury of the penis.  This is usually due to the application of too much pressure in the vacuum.

Undesirable side effects include the appearance of small red spots on the penis (also called petechiae), numbness and/or coldness due to the constriction ring or pain due to poor manipulation of the pump.  Another discomfort that results from the use of the penis pump is the feeling of trapped semen which is due to the constriction ring.

Psychologically, several drawbacks can occur, such as a feeling of artificial erection or an uncomfortable feeling after a few initial usages.  This sometimes is the result a lack of experience and required manual skills. These sensations (if they occur) will disappear after learning to use the pump correctly, as well as repetitive usages.

Also, those suffering from certain medical conditions should not use penis pumps because of the risk factors. There is an increased risk of bleeding for those who take blood thinners.  Persons with sickle cell anemia and other blood disorders should not use penis pumps.

Penis Pumps Results

In most cases, and in medical studies it is revealed that the use of penis pumps ensures an erection long enough to facilitate normal sexual intercourse for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Penis pumps will not treat the dysfunction, but rather the symptoms. A medical treatment combined with the use of penis pumps can have very good results over time.

There is no denying that the operation of a man’s shaft, is closely linked to his ego and self-confidence. With the return to a normal sex life, his confidence and feeling of satisfaction will surely surge.

Penis pumps and penis enlargement

Recently, some manufacturers claimed that penis pumps can help in the enlargement of the penis. Even though these statements may be supported by questionable users’ testimonials, there are no studies to dispute this claim.

Penis enlargement maybe possible in men who have no issues maintaining an erection (possible but unlikely), as the daily penis pumping exercises may potentially enlarge the penis to some extent.

There is a common misconception that the penis is a muscle. In fact, the penis is like a sponge that fills up with blood during an erection. The penis is not made up of muscle tissue, therefore regardless of the frequency and extent to which it is exercised, it cannot grow.

Instead, it is very possible that after using a penis pump there will be a larger erect penis than before. In conclusion, we can say that penis pumps work and enlarge the penis but only during erection.