The “Miracle” Of Male Enhancement Pills

We will start by setting a goal: let’s find out what does male enhancement products mean these days. The internet is full to the brim with sites that urge you to buy a ton of brands. If two such products disappear from the market today, three more will appear tomorrow.

With so many products to promote, each site will urge you to buy, without explaining the product in detail. But let’s say there is still a detailed presentation of the product, the next logical question would be: is it worth it? Aren’t all these products scams? How can you tell the difference? Well, here we are trying to unravel the mystery.

A little history of the term

Male enhancement is a surrogate term, derived from penis enlargement. In the beginning (early 2000s, when this type of product appeared), all these pills promised to enlarge the penis by about 2.5 inches. For any man with a healthy mind, it was obvious that these pills could not physically increase the size of the penis.

However, manufacturers continued to promote their products, claiming that the penis will grow. The first sales channel was the Internet, by all possible methods – and here we are not just talking about the legal ones, since email spam was (and still is) largely used. Everything went well until the topic began to be debated by more serious sites, such as Wikipedia. Even so, all this madness lasted over 10 years, until the need for a change in marketing was felt.

Penis enlargement could no longer be used in connection with pills because people were aware and there were enough resources to refute these claims. Manufacturers have come up with a surrogate term that somehow combines “potency/erection enhancement” with “penis enlargement.” Thus, “male enhancement” was born.

In itself, the term “male enhancement” does not mean much. It can make you think of “becoming a stronger man”, whatever that means. But it turned out to be a perfect term for this type of product. In other words, we (the manufacturers) no longer claim that we can increase the size of the penis, we only say that we can provide stronger and longer erections, during which the penis “might get bigger”.

What’s the trick?

To claim that the penis enlarges during an erection is like claiming that the sun is hot. Of course, an erect penis is larger than a flaccid one. But manufacturers have moved on, saying the penis will grow larger than normal. In other words, we come to the idea of ​​a “stronger and bigger erection.”

What they are trying to convey to the buyer is that their products can help get and maintain an erection, but not just a simple erection: your erection (while on pills) is said to be much “bigger” than before.

In other words, they went from claiming that the pills can enlarge the penis, to saying that they are a kind of Viagra, not necessarily with the same effects as the famous blue pill. They also brought into the mix aphrodisiac properties, able to arouse the libido of any man.

In conclusion, “male enhancement” is somehow a marketing trick, an interesting word, so vague that under its umbrella can be sold a lot of products that have (or not) positive effects on erectile dysfunction. In no case, in any form, “male enhancement” does not mean penis enlargement with the help of pills.

Are male enhancement pills useless?

99% of the products on the market are just (poorly made) clones of other products. Certainly, these clones can be completely useless and sometimes even dangerous.

Find out more about the ingredients in male enhancement pills and the effects of these pills on the body.

We said 99% are poorly made clones, but what about the remaining 1%? Well, the rest are standard products of this industry, the ones after which the clones were made. We do not know exactly if the two products we recommend (along with the necessary precautions) represent even 1% of the market, but we can say that they are the safest from the consumer’s point of view.

However, the question remains: are they all useless? Yes and no. They are certainly useless if someone takes them, believing that their penis will enlarge. This is nonsense. On the other hand, they can be useful in obtaining and maintaining an erection, but the results depend very much on the body of each man. There are even better solutions for this purpose.

Are there other solutions comparable to male enhancement pills?

As we said above, there are better solutions. They are better, but they are not as simple as swallowing pills. In other words, it requires effort and involvement.

We are talking about penis extenders and penis pumps. Both are medical products used clinically to treat or relieve erectile dysfunction. They are non-invasive when used correctly and have no side effects or hidden ingredients. There are even some studies that say extenders help to permanently enlarge the penis, but we have some reservations about it.

However, I would like to try the pills. What can I do?

If your first choice is male enhancement pills, we suggest you try one of the products recommended by ProjectAlphaMale. Why?

First of all, we are sure that you will have good customer service: you will receive exactly what you ordered and you will benefit from a money-back guarantee, in addition to the original product. Secondly, we only recommend products that have been on the market for a very long time.

We cannot guarantee you anything regarding the results, but at least we are at peace that we do not recommend and promote “medical hazards”, clones, gas station enhancement products, or other outrageous tricks.

Read carefully on the website of each manufacturer, be sure you understand the precautions and the list of ingredients. In the end, you will make the right decision.